Thursday, August 13, 2015


"I'm so glad you reminded me that you were overdue for a little release Sissy! I promised I'd let you cum yesterday and I just completely forgot!"
"Thank you, thank you.....oh god thank you!!!!"
"Oh my almost lasted a full minute this time!!!! You're improving so much....I'm so proud of you!!! Now clean up my desk and I'll have my assistant bring you home!"
"Yes Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am!!!"
"Stacy, please help him get dressed when he's done cleaning up his mess and take him home for me!"
"No problem Ma'am!" more thing Stacy...I keep the strap-on in the bottom drawer of the Sissy Dresser! If you can't find it have him show you where it is!"
"Yes Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am!"

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