Saturday, August 8, 2015


"But what about me? How can I be myself with your cousin here? I'll have to hide everything!!!"
"Sissy it's just for a day!!! Her flight leaves tomorrow! Wear pants and a shirt over your frillies for one won't kill you!"
"Well okay, but I barely know her can't you stay and keep her company?"
"We've been over this Sissy! I have an important meeting with a client today!!! You'll have to keep her amused till I get home!"
"How? What does she like to do?"
"Honestly Sissy she's so quiet and shy I doubt she'll even want to go out!!! Just ask her what she wants to do!!! Just do what she wants....she's my favorite cousin and I want her to enjoy her stay!!!"
"Okay Sweetheart I'll do my best! What's she doing up there anyway?"
"She told me she wanted to change her clothes and work out the kinks!!! I'm sure she'll be looking for you in a few minutes!"
"I wonder what's taking her so long?"
"Why don't you go up and make sure she knows where to put everything!!"
"Okay Sweetheart! I'll take good care of your shy cousin...I'll make sure she has a good time!"
"Thanks Sissy!"

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