Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Do You Think

"So what do you think he big enough for us?"
"Oh yes Sweetheart...he's certainly big enough!!!!"
"Do you think he's nice and hard too Kaaren?"
"Oh yes nice and hard!"
"So then Sissy, no fluffing needed?"
"Um....oh no Sweetheart I think some fluffing will bring him to his full potential and I think that....."
"Alright Sissy, I think I have the get him nice and wet and hard for me but don't you dare make him cum!!!!"
"I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve you Sweetheart!"
"Just enjoy it Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!"


  1. I've never had the nerve to just reach out and squeeze another man's penis so maybe that's the reason this post gives me a stiffy

  2. Lucky couple as he's so lucky to have an amazing goddess wife