Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If You've Never

If you've never done this...oh my god you just don't know what you're missing!!!! The feel of that soft velvet head on your tongue as you feel the throbbing in the thick shaft! Ohhhh.....and then the creamy reward!!!!! Oh my god....


  1. Oh my, how wonderful!


  2. Oh yes it is so delicious licking the head and tasting the precum and just when he ready to cum you take his cock deep in your mouth so he can fill you with his hot thick load of delicious cum swallowing ever drop of it so dam good oh I need a big cock to suck now yum thank you

    1. Sissy Bitch,

      I prefer my t-girls to come in the front of my mouth. There are many more taste buds on the front of the tongue, so I get to fully enjoy their flavor. I even like to slowly squeeze that last drop out, then I lick it off.

      Yummy, yummy!!!

  3. Kaaren, I've never been with a goy, and I don't have that desire. But I can tell you T-girls with cut cocks are so amazing. I love the silky soft feel of her cock heads on my lips, tongue, and even when they hit the roof of my mouth.

    This may sound strange, but I lick to lick their cocks like this, while I'm looking in their eyes. I want to know they enjoy what I'm doing. I love when a lady moans and coos as I'm sucking her cock. It is such a thrill, I can't get rock hard, and shoot a load, without even touching myself. The difficult part is making sure she shoots first.