Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sissy School - Discretion

When Mr. Davidson asked Sissy Kaaren to join him for a moment she was surprised, after all she wasn't in any of his classes and when he led her to a remote terrace she started to worry!
"You know Kaaren you have developed quite the reputation around this school..."
"It's not true, Mr Davidson, at least most of it's not true..."
"Hush Kaaren we both know that it's almost certainly all true after all I read your disciplinary record!"

Sissy Kaaren blushed and said nothing.
"I wanted to tell you that I was in the library the other day looking in the stacks for an old reference book and what do you suppose I saw?"
"I don't know sir!" she said blushing.
"I saw you corrupting that sweet young Sissy Leeanne, you do remember that don't you? Are you trying to give her a reputation like yours Kaaren?"
"Oh No sir it wasn't like that at all it was...."
She caught her breath as his hard cock slipped into her hands and she instinctively began to stroke him.

"Lovely Kaaren your hands are as skilled as I've heard but if you'd like me to be...shall we say discrete about your little sissy liaison with sweet young Sissy Leeanne, you're going to have to show me a little more effort."
He smiled as she sank down and gasped as she took him in her mouth!
Sissy Kaaren smiled to herself as she sucked his big cock! She was so glad she kicked over that book or he might have walked right past without seeing them that day! Wait till she told Leeanne that she had been right! Although it had taken him a few days longer than she thought it would! She just knew he'd have a really nice cock and she went to work with much enthusiasm!


  1. Is it true that Mr Davidson placed Sissy Kaaren on detention all next week? Poor, poor Kaaren.

  2. Replies
    1. Not at all Sweetie, I'm willing to time, you can trap a teacher...that new gym teacher looks nice and have you seen that bulge!!!! We'll work it out sweetie but for now kiss me, I think you can still taste Mr. Davidson on my lips!

    2. Oh my! Yes! I can Kaaren! Mmmm...thank you sooo much.

  3. i especially love the last picture as she sits there sucking his cock looking happy to be there.