Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You're Right This Makes It Hotter

"Oh yeah baby suck that cock" I heard him as I bobbed my head up and down his nice stiff cock.
My wife made some soft grunting noises as he thrust his cock into my mouth...
"I'm glad you're sucking me...your sissy husband looks like a girl but I think it would be kind of gay...you know?"
"Mmmm" my wife replied as I ran my tongue up and down his strong pulsing shaft.
"And you were right about the blindfold too...it just makes it hotter!"
"Mmmm" she said as I brought him closer and closer...I could feel his cock ready to explode. I released him from my mouth and she engulfed him in hers just as he came!
I slipped out of the room as he pulled off the blindfold!
"Damn Baby." he gasped, "That was the best blowjob I ever had! It felt so different at the end...how did you do that?"

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