Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Have You Ever Considered Something A Little Different?

You have a wonderful cock and I can't wait to fuck you! Can you come to my house for dinner tonight?

Yes I am married, why do you ask?

Yes he'll be home...who did you think would be cooking dinner?

No that won't be an issue, I promise!

He's a Sissy, in fact I'd like it if you'd let him suck your cock, my Sissy loves doing it and I love watching!

No, it's not weird! Just wait until you meet her...she's very pretty...and she can suck cock like a pro!!!!

Okay...8 o'clock it is, I'll call Sissy to get something nice for dinner!


  1. Sissy better prepare a really great meal, because it looks like he'll be having a great one!


  2. Yummy looking cock!