Wednesday, March 5, 2014

After A Long Day In Heels

After she spends all day in work wearing her pretty heels she needs some special attention when she gets home! She enjoys it and I love doing it for her! To some it would seem a punishment, to me it's a reward!!!


  1. Now this is something i truly love and don't get to do as often as i would like. Kissing and licking her toes is sooo delightfully and expressively submissive. A way to show i know and love my place. And it is divine to be able to bathe her feet with my kisses, take her toes in mouth, to dart my tongue in between.

    1. Oh my Susan it's like you read my mind!!!!

  2. Kaaren,

    I love it! This was the first post I saw of yours and it is my favorite thing. I love to kiss, suck, lick and smell the feet of a sexy lady "after a long day in heels..."

    I think too many people miss how sexy this is and how wonderful the scent of a woman is!