Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just A Reminder

My Google+ account associated with this blog is suspended! I can't respond to anything or add you to circles or even access my posts there!
The Google+ people said I've been a very bad Sissy by putting adult content there! I offered to let them spank me but apparently they're just not into it so I remain suspended here.
On the bright side my other blog is growing and the Google+ account there is still just fine! So if you want to join my circles or send a G+ message you should go to my other blog at "Such A Sissy 2"
I will continue to update both blogs because I really have that many naughty thoughts running through my mind!

Please forgive me G+ I know I've been bad but it's what I'm good at...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes I've been very, very naughty and I think a spanking is in order! Skirts up and panties down I'm waiting for that first touch! Paddle? Hairbrush? Bare hand? I'm ready to pay for my behavior!