Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spending The Time

A good sissy spends the time to make sure her Mistress cums!!!! A great sissy spends the time to make sure her Mistress keeps cumming until they can't take anymore!!!!

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  1. Whenever i am privileged to be in this position i am definitely not in a hurry. i love to lick and taste, to go as deep as i can and back out again. This is the center of her sex and i want my face and tongue to be fully there for her. It is special when she puts her hands on the back of my head and holds me there, when her hips grind against my face using me for her pleasure. Is there anything more rewarding than her moans of pleasure? How many times will she let me bring her to orgasm before she pushes me away? Does she want me inside her or will she just let me enjoy the special joy of simply giving her pleasure with my tongue. Actually i like that best, being able to serve her orally as her devoted sissy girl, looking forward to the next time.