Friday, March 28, 2014

I Love To Watch

I love to watch her prepare for her day. I've learned so much just from watching her dress and fix her hair and do her makeup!  But there are times when it's a little bit difficult to see what she's doing and besides I'm concentrating on something else entirely!!


  1. I assure you Kaaren. She'll look so good that getting fucked wont' be an issue for her wherever her day take her. And what you're doing certainly won't hurt her frame of mind. But the good news is when she returns home she'll have a little somethin for ya. Lucky sissy.

    Lick lick,


  2. Hi Kaaren, you already know I love this image darling. Tee hee ;)
    lill joanne

  3. Another male learning his proper relationship in the hierarchy of the sexes and the fact that his head should NEVER presume a position higher than a Female's waist.