Friday, July 17, 2015


She comes out of the bedroom where her lover lies sleeping! The coffee is ready and I have started to prepare a breakfast buffet for her to share with her lover!
She gives me a long, deep good morning Kiss and I can taste him on her lips and tongue! It is exquisite! Instead of a robe she is wearing his thrills and humiliates me at the same time!!!! I give her the daily newspaper and she immediately flips to the financial section: she understands all that stuff!
A particular article catches her attention and she leans forward to read it more carefully!
The shirt parts revealing her perfect breast to me, perfectly formed and firm still! Her nipple erect, perhaps just to get my attention because she doesn't seem to notice!!!!
I can't tear my eyes away! Perhaps it's because it's a "stolen" look at this breast that I have seen thousands of times before!!!! The thrill of something forbidden maybe....but looking at her just then....inadvertently exposed....I was a teenager again....seeing a perfect breast for the first time!!!!!
Distantly I can hear her lover....he snores like a buzzsaw....and I look at that breast realizing his hot sweaty hands were there and maybe his lips and tongue too!!! But that's alright! As long as he pleased her!!!!
I sat there, my coffee untouched and I started to smell my hash browns burning in the oven! She looked up from the paper and smiled as she pulled the shirt closed....but she smiled...that was the important thing!
"Honestly Sissy! You're incorrigible! Go check the oven!!!"


  1. Incorrigible in such a very good way

  2. Oh gosh, that's so beautiful. So glad I found your blog xxx

    1. Welcome to my silly little blog sure to check my other one too! See the link on the side for Such A Sissy 2!