Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hard Times

The Bridal Salon had fallen on hard times, people just weren't marrying as much as they once did! They were sitting on a huge inventory of wedding gowns that they might never be able to sell!
The answer came one day in an off-hand remark one of the customers made!
"My boyfriend would pay anything to wear a dress like that!!!"
She and her friends had laughed but the idea had found at least one receptive ear!!!!
Now every Tuesday was "Sissy Day at the Salon" and sissies were allowed to come in after paying an entrance fee and the staff would assist them in trying on any gown they wanted!!! It was a huge success and, even after they doubled the $50 dollar fee, more and more sissies kept coming!!!!
Soon they were going to offer professional Make-up artists and Bridal Portraits and the sissies couldn't wait and the price didn't matter!!!!


  1. If only a wedding salon would actually do that!

    1. I watched a small local bridal shop go slowly out of business...that's when this idea first occurred to me.....it would have saved their business I'm sure!!!!