Friday, July 31, 2015

Sissy School - Warned

"I warned you Billy, didn't I!!! No more dressing as a girl!!!! I warned you there would be consequences, didn't I!!!! Imagine....What am I to think of you???? Dressing in a cheerleaders uniform!!!!We just can't have this type of behavior here at St. Dunstans School for Boys!!!!"
"I'm sorry Sir...I can't help it..."
"Do you think you'd be happier over at the Sissy that what you want?"
"I think so...I'm confused Sir....maybe I'm a Sissy like my friends Leeanne and Kaaren...I just don't know!!!!"
"Well there is one way to be sure....if you really want to know..."
"Oh yes Sir....please!"
As the headmaster pulled his pants open with one hand he caressed the boys blazing red bottom with his other! He knew the boy was a lost cause already and picturing him in lace panties and a short plaid skirt only made it easier as he slipped inside him!!!!

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