Saturday, July 18, 2015

Don't Keep Us Waiting

Sissy knew his wife and her lover were in a room on the second floor, but which one??? When his wife had called and told Sissy to bring her a bucket of ice she had hurried down the six flights of stairs from her room on the eighth floor as fast as could in the heels that were locked onto her!!!
She collected the ice but again, which room? She arranged herself into the proper submissive Sissy position, took a deep breath and knocked on the door to room 201!
An hour later sissy had refilled the bucket four times and prepared to knock on the door to room 205! Just 35 more rooms to go!!!!


  1. Stupid sissy bitch...!

    But Sissy is very well educated and most importantly!

    Obedient, selfless and with devotion. So it must be!


  2. I would so love to be in her position