Friday, July 31, 2015

My Work Here Is Done

I've done my part the rest is up to them!!! He had a delightfully thick cock and I enjoyed sucking it very much but a Fluffer knows when to stop and I delivered him rock hard and ready to my beautiful wife!!!! Now I would brush my teeth and retire to my sissy bedroom for the night!
I said good night but I don't think they heard me!!!


  1. Most of the time my services end with my mistress/wife saying "thank you sweetie, you are free to go." I know I will only be permitted to listen from my room. But there are the times where I hear "Thank you sweetie, kneel next the bed." I know they will not only allow me to watch but my clean up services will be called upon. Sissy Mishel

  2. Mishel, perhaps Mistress should get a webcam so you can see the performance from your room

  3. And why, pray tell, are you brushing your teeth?