Saturday, July 25, 2015


When her brother got home she was so going to kick his ass!!!!
She had looked the other way when he had begun "borrowing" her panties! After all, aren't all teenage boys curious about that kind of thing...most of her friends said their brothers did the same thing!
She hadn't really thought too much about him "borrowing" some of her bras,,,,some of her friends said their brothers had done that too!
When she saw that he was using her makeup she was going to talk to him about it but it never seemed to be the right time!
She couldn't be sure but she thought that maybe he was trying on her dresses...but her best friend Stacy told her that she was probably imagining things!
But it all became clear when she came home early and found her brother in her best dress and her best friend Stacy fussing with his makeup!!!! They were double dating tonight and they told her they couldn't risk her interfering!!!
When he got home she was going to kick his ass!!!! Although she had to admit...he did look pretty cute!!!!

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