Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who's Next

Her husband groaned as she pushed her hard pink cock into him! Her friends all looked at each other and laughed!
"Sounds like me when Tommy popped my cherry!"
They all shared a laugh as she sank deeper into him!
"There will be no more secretaries for you baby!" his wife said as she buried her cock in him!
"No!!!" he gasped, "I'm sorry it will never happen again!!!!"
"Oh I know it won't because your Secretary is number 12 on the waiting list to fuck you today!!!"
"Oh my god...."
"And she's only about half way down the list! Mom and my sisters come right after her!!!
"No please....I...."
"They're upstairs now shredding all your male clothes! Your new job is to be my sissy maid!!!!"
"Too late Baby....I'm a little tired....who's next?"
Her best friend Stacy stepped up and after exchanging a quick hug she sank her big cock all the way into him!!!!
His groans were met with applause from the ladies in the room and the ladies waiting outside!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful new life he's going to have. No escape, not a chance of returning to his old male ways

  2. He'll get used to it. Might even like it.

  3. I would be honor to be next thank you