Sunday, July 26, 2015

Young Billy Was Not Happy

It was bad enough that Auntie always gave him bare butt spankings, but when she let his cousins watch it was just so much worse!!! He tried to ignore the feeling of his little cock rubbing against Auntie's soft thigh with each slap on his reddening bottom! He tried to control himself!!!!
"Ewww Mommy he's making drippies from his little thing!!!" cried his cousin as she leaned in more intently to watch!!!
"Don't worry Baby! Anything he get's on the floor he'll lick up!!!"
Suddenly Billy couldn't hold back and as he exploded onto Aunties thighs and floor she rubbed his sore bottom and told him to clean up!
Sighing, all else forgotten he slid off her lap and dutifully lapped up all the nasty white cream as Auntie and his cousin pointed out spots he had missed.
With the salty taste that he had come to know so well in his mouth, Auntie told him that he could go now and change into the dress she had laid out for him in his bedroom!!!!
Billy went up the stairs as his Auntie and cousin shared a private laugh!!!!

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