Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tell Us Sissy

"So tell us Sissy do you like us better with our panties on!!!"
Sissy nodded enthusiastically!!!!
"And are you sorry for sneaking in here and stealing girls panties"
Sissy nodded again, not with quite so much enthusiasm!
"And do you like those pretty little panties we gave you to wear?"
Sissy nodded again, his enthusiasm returning!
"And do you like how my panties taste!"
Sissy nodded again, after all with those panties stuffed behind the gag what else could he do!
"Well as long as you're happy....the boys will be in here this afternoon! I'm sure they'll untie you!!! Bye bye now!!!!"
Sissy shook his head, No! No! No! oh please No!!!!!
But all he heard was the door shutting behind them as they left!!!!


  1. I swear it's crazy what cumz over me these days. Its like cock it's on my mind quite a bit these days as it's GFE n the desires of leaving this job for another that gets me home more, in order of going it n dating more. Its like I get so turned on asst the thought of just diving n giving a guy. Often to the point I'm rubbing my nipples n licking my lips. Its like the contract I'm getting all floated over. Its like it's almost worth it just to be my slur self haha

  2. Its like I see a girls a ass n I think of all the hot cocks it will be turned on by their assess n it's like I yearn to please n pleasure those cocks n look hot and slutty sissy sexy hot for those cocks. Its like shit I so need to cum and can't as lucky to cum every 10 weeks now. Female hormones