Saturday, July 18, 2015

You're So Funny

"You're so funny! Standing there and making cute objections when we both know exactly what's going to happen!!!"
"No I won't do it...I just won't!!!"
"In about 10 minutes your best friend is going to walk in that door and you are going to suck his cock while I watch!!!"
"I won't...I...."
"And you're going to be wearing those pretty pink panties you love so much!!!"
"And you're going to do it because that's what I want you to do! Because that will make me happy!"
"I...I .....I'll do it...I want you to be happy!!!!"
"I knew you would! Honestly Sissy, do we have to do this every time???"


  1. She can't help it. She likes playing hard to get.

  2. I think the sissy protests too much. But then that's part of the fun.