Saturday, July 11, 2015


"Dude!!!! What the hell happened!!!! We're chicks!!!"
"Dude!!!! We've got no dicks!!!! What the hell happened to us last night???"
"Dude!!!! What are you smiling about!!!! Holy shit Dude we've got tits and pussies!!!!"
"Dude!!!! The last thing I remember was going into some bar!!! the Black something....I can't remember!!!"
"Dude!!!! It was The Black Magic Saloon!!!! All chicks in there....we thought it was a lesbian joint!!!"
"Dude!!!! That's all I remember!!!!!"
"Dude what the hell are you smiling know something about this???"
"Well while you Dudes were being drunken obnoxious assholes I made friends with the Witch behind the bar! She was really nice and she offered me one chance to experience life as a chick!!!! But it had to apply to you guys too!!! And as long as none of us cums the spell will wear off in 24 hours!!!!"
"What did you say Dude I wasn't listening!!!! It feels really fantastic when you rub yourself like this!!!"
""Oh yeah Dude!!! I hit a spot that feels amazing!!!!"
"Oh well Dudes!!!! This is what I really wanted anyway and it looks like you Sluts will get used to it quickly!!!!"

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