Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kaaren Get Me My Dress

"Kaaren get me the black panties and my little black dress I laid out on the bed!"
"Yes dear, coming..."
"On second thought Kaaren forget the panties, I wouldn't be wearing them for very long anyway, he's usually very impatient!"
"Yes Dear..."
"You don't mind do you? That I'll be fucking him tonight? Right in our bed? While you watch?"
"You know I don't, if it makes you happy it makes me happy!"
"That's so sweet Sissy! Now hurry up with my dress, he'll be here soon!"


  1. I think the question is. Who gets more excited when she tells you this. You or her? My answer. Me!!!

    1. Sissy excitement is what she wants! Caged but constantly aroused makes us si easy to manipulate! Some fight it bur I live for it!!!

  2. I love the way she turns the knife with that rhetorical question about whether he minds!