Thursday, July 24, 2014

Panties Are One Thing

Panties are one, yes but they are underpants and there is a male equivalent! A bra however is uniquely female attire! Although I love panties I have to admit that wearing a bra makes me feel more feminine!


  1. A valid point; then there is the thong and bra combo. Oh yes.....

  2. Yes I think the bra is THE piece of clothing that says
    Hey look at me I'm a sissy

    1. You're right Rhonda in many ways, the tight feel around your chest to remind you...the feel of the straps on your shoulders...the soft fabric rubbing on your sweet nipples..the soft curves of your little sissy breasts,,,,the taste of your nipples as I rub my tongue over them feeling you squirm and press your sweet little body to my greedy sucking mouth....oh...ooooh my...well I think you know what I mean...excuse me I have to go change my panties!!!!