Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing Leeannes Game - Which One's The Sissy

I hope Leeanne doesn't mind me borrowing her game!
Because it would be terrible if she was to take me and push up my dress and slide my silky panties down my nyloned thighs and spank me till I understand the error of my ways....oh ohhh  ohhhhhh!!!!!!
Hmmm wait I wandered off there for a minute....where was I....oh yes....
Which one's the Sissy?


  1. I don't mind. You can do whatever you want sweet girl. I say the one in the middle. As a sissy, I say the more garter straps the merrier.

    1. Ohhhh sweet Leeanne! if I could do whatever I want I think we'd be pretty exhausted! Very happy but exhausted!
      BTW I agree, the more garter tabs the better! I love the gentle tug of the garters on my stockings as I walk!

      Kisses and you know what kind!