Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday ManCandy

Every day's a sunny day if you start out with a warm, creamy mouthful of high protein and delicious ManCandy!!!


  1. Hi Kaaren, I look at your blogs every day and wanted to say hello and thank you. I have added you to my google circle should you care to chat or whatever.


    1. No allow me to thank you Samantha! I love the idea that people come and read my silly musings and knowing you're there keeps me going!
      I have no access to Google+ on this account but if you go over to my other blog - Such A Sissy 2" my G+ account there is still alive for the time being!

  2. I love when a Tgirl does this to me! I always enjoy when they cum on my face, and my FAVORITE, is when they rub their cock on my cum covered face and shove it in my mouth.

    It's a double reward and/or punishment; I submissively take a load on my face. Then just to show who is in charge, after she comes down off her orgasm, she rubs her softening cock all over my face and makes me lick it and suck it clean!

    Best Breakfast Ever!!!