Saturday, July 12, 2014

Please Get My Watch Sissy

"Sissy" I heard her call, "Please get my watch, I left it on the patio!"
"But honey...I'm not dressed...."
"It's just the patio Sissy, for goodness sake..."
I stepped out onto the patio in my sweet black heels and as I picked up her watch I heard the door close behind me!
Oh no, please...I saw her slide the lock into place as I rushed to the door!
"Honey please! Open the door...please the neighbors might see me like this...please!"
"Come around to the front door Sissy and I'll let you in!"
"Please honey...please!!!!"
"Front door Sissy. I'll be waiting for you there."
I heard the sounds of the neighborhood around me as I tried to work up the nerve! It didn't help that the potential humiliation was so exciting that I was dripping in my panties!

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