Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!!!

America, if you had one big cock I'd be first in line to suck it for you!!!
What can I say! I'm a patriotic Sissy!
Have a happy and safe Independence Day my sweeties!


  1. Karen, Leeanne, Sara,

    Happy fourth to all of you! I'll follow up on what Kaaren said in this post, to all you lovely sissies. If your Mistresses say it's OK, there is a subbie who is more than willing to suck your little cocks!

    Just like those colorful fireworks, you can explode. If you let me provide you my oral skills until you explode, there will be a lot,of OOOO's & AAAH's from both of us.

    I love you girls!


    1. Joe you are so sweet to offer me your mouth! If it wasn't for my chastity I'd love to take you up on this!!!!


  2. I'd love to kiss your Yankee doodle candy too Kaaren. Have a good holiday.

    I feel like there should be some red n white stripes on the ass in this photo to go with the stars and to be patriotic.