Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Last Roundup

This was going to be our last visit to Baby Pony Ranch this summer! Since last weeks visit I've been thinking about this place.
It is deeply humiliating to have the trainers "prepare" you for the day!

But there is an erotic thrill to"taking the bit" that I find myself actually drawn to...

But, even so I'm glad I don't have to decide until next the meantime it's time for that last ride and as my wife takes the reins I want to make her proud and do the best job I can for her! This will be on my mind all year....


  1. Remember when we were kids - "look Ma" no hands!". With practice we can go no hands again, this time for our Mistress.

  2. Lovely humiliating scene Kaaren. I feel like the tail should be on a butt plug, but it doesn't seem to be?

    Still that might not be practical for a decent trip hauling a buggy.

    1. I think it's done this way at this ranch to prevent distraction! When you are here you are here to talking, no thinking, just service! I'm still not sure what it is about this that intrigues me so! It's one of those things that I really can't discuss with anyone...I mean imagine that conversation..."Oh by the way I was a ponygirl the other day and pranced around with a bit in my mouth!"
      I'm not sure a paid therapist could find the root of this one!!!

    2. Kaaren, you could be describing my reaction there, so your not alone at least darling. The idea is intriguing. It seems to be a step below a sissy or a maid so no clothes, just harnesses. No talking just obedience or the whip. Being exposed outdoors. Eating off the griund I suppose. Wonderfully humiliating. Sigh.