Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday ManCandy

It usually takes two but there are those rare and special girls out there that can handle their own ManCandy needs! Thankfully rare because it doesn't help relieve the huge backlog of ManCandy that just gets bigger every day!!!


  1. The gorgeous Sapphire Young.....WISH I could look like her. *dreaming*

  2. Boy this is scary! If all guys could do this humanity might cease to exist? I know I'd have a tough time getting out of bed. AND, if my cock could reach my mouth, I might just "blow" my brains out. My dick would always be soaked in saliva, if it would reach my mouth.

    1. I nearly broke my neck trying to suck my little cockette back in the day! I needed another couple of inches I just didn't have!
      If I had three more inches life would have been very different!!!!!!!