Saturday, July 5, 2014

Good Morning

As he left the house he smiled when he saw her, he wondered what she would think if she knew that he had spent the night masturbating into the pretty red panties he had stolen from her clothesline!
She smiled and waved and she wondered what he would think if he knew how her little cock twitched when she thought of what he might be doing with the pretty red panties she saw him take from her clothesline!


  1. What an interesting post Kaa. So suggestive of sexual tension to us but outwardly very proper. An older man in a suit doffing his hat to a pretty young lady in a 1940s or 50s setting. But the young lady (/sissy) is on her knees only needs to bend forwward... The older man is hunched forward as if he's about to hide the tent in his pants with his hat! What was going on in the artists mind?

    Wouldn't you just kill for a waist like that darling *sigh*.


    1. Just a little insight into how my mind works sweet Ju! The moment I saw this picture this little scenario was the first that came to mind! There were a couple of others including one of them spanking the other that almost ended up here!


  2. It does have a quaint feel about it. I suppose we are more blatant about these things now.