Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moves In Mysterious Ways

As the new nun reached into his robes and wrapped her soft hand around his quicly growing cock Father Anthony gasped!
"Sister, you mustn't....remember your's a sin...."
She smiled as she slowly licked a droplet of pre-cum from the head of his lovely hard cock!
"Well...about see I'm not really a nun...I just wanted to try on the outfit!"
As she took him into her mouth and the thrills ran through him he couldn't believe how good this felt!
"But young lady! You shouldn't be doing this at all!"
"Well," she said as she raised her head for a moment, "about see I'm not really a lady either! In fact I was once an altar boy here!"
He looked again at the face and it suddenly came to him!
"Oh my God is that you...."
She interrupted him, "I prefer to be called Kaaren these days!"
As she took him back into her hot sucking mouth she heard him whisper, "God bless you Kaaren!"


  1. Oh Kaaren! This is sick! But in a most erotically charged way that I cannot say a bad thing about it. What a devilish post. I love it!

    1. Devilish you say? When I was a schoolboy, aside from wishing I was a schoolgirl there was this one parish priest that I have to say fueled a few confusing fantasies!