Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What Do You Think

"So when I came home from work I found him sitting in front of the computer masturbating!"
"Honey I was just...."
""Quiet! I was talking to the ladies! You speak when and if I say so!"
She gave his balls a squeeze to emphasize her point!
"So what do you all think I should do about this?"
They all chimed in and almost in unison they said "Chastity!"
"Chastity it is then!"
"Wait honey I don't think...."
Another squeeze quieted him!
"Did I mention he was jerking off to Sissy porn! He seems to get off on the whole sissy thing! What should I do about that?"
"I'd love to have a Sissy Maid!"
"Me too!"
"And me!"
"Then it's decided! Chastity and Sissy Maid training! Thank you ladies....say how about we give him a good spanking? What do you say ladies?"
"We thought you'd never ask!!!"

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