Thursday, January 1, 2015


Her parents were so old fashioned! Her boyfriend was stranded by the storm but they insisted he sleep alone in the guest room! Well she'd show them! She wanted some of his big juicy cock and she wanted it tonight!!!
She crept down the dark hallway and she heard him moaning her name! How sweet, he must be dreaming of her! She couldn't wait to get her hands on that cock! But there was another noise...a kind of sucking sound! She knelt beside the bed and turned on the lamp....
"Oh my God!!! Daddy what are you doing!!! Why are you dressed like that!!!!"
"Shhhh Sweetie, you'll wake him! There's plenty here for us to share!"
"Daddy! You promised last time you wouldn't suck any more of my boyfriends..."
"Just this one more time...okay Sweetie?"
"Oh alright Daddy, but no swallowing! I want my share this time!"
"It's a deal honey!!!"

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