Friday, January 30, 2015

I've Never Understood

If no one is supposed to see your slip then why do they make them so pretty? I'd love to wear just this to go out in! It seems like perfect evening wear to me!!!


  1. And why do they make them feel so good, when you touch them? When I feel a silky slip under a lady's dress, it gets me instantly excited.

  2. You're obviously going out to the wrong places. I've often spent an evening out in this ( or something very similar), or in chiffon see-through nighties, or in a babydoll and panties, or in top and french-knickers, or.... All worn with stockings and suspenders (garters), high-heels, pearl choker and/or sparkly neckless, and dangly earings, of course. Your imagination is the limit.

    Miss Molly

    1. I can't resist...
      Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!