Friday, January 9, 2015


The babysitter had invited a friend over and when Sissy objected she decided that he needed some "quiet time"! Unable to speak he could only listen to them discuss him like he wasn't there!
"He really isn't allowed to cum? Like not ever?"
"I don't know about ever but I've been sitting him for six or seven months now and he hasn't cum in all that time!"
"And his wife let's you use him like this...I mean having know..."
"Having him lick my pussy you mean? She not only knows she encouraged me at the beginning!"
"That is so hot, Jimmy hardly ever goes down on me...."
"He'll lick your ass too!!!"
"Oh god can I try!!!! Please I've never had anyone do that for me!!!!"
"Sure just give me a few more minutes and he's all yours!"
"And he's not allowed to cum? You're sure?"
"Absolutely! Not allowed! You can indulge yourself!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. That is quite the babysitting assignment. Wonder how many babysitters would enjoy it?

    sissy terri