Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mmmm Good Morning

"Mmmm, good morning Sissy....could you bring me some coffee?"
"I have it right here sweetheart!"
"You're such a wonderful husband, and you're looking so pretty too!"
"Thank you sweetheart I'm so glad you noticed!"
"Sissy, I always notice....honey would you do something else for me if I asked you nicely?"
"Your wish is my command sweetie!"
"Well, when Tom left last night I was so tired, he gave me quite a workout, that I didn' know....clean up...and I'm feeling a little sticky...."
I crawled on the bed and settled into my familiar spot between those thighs that I know so well and licked her till she was clean....and then till she was cumming...and then until she was begging me to stop!!!!

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