Friday, January 9, 2015

He Looked Me In The Eye

He looked me in the eye as he slipped her dress down!
"Your wife's breasts are beautiful Sissy don't you agree?"
"Yes...yes they are!" I replied as she gasped as he rubbed her!
"Her nipples are very hard now Sissy, so hard for me! I bet she's wet too Sissy! Do you think she's wet Sissy?"
"Yes", I gasped, my clit was surging against it's plastic cage!!!
"I'm going to take your beautiful wife and fuck her like a whore Sissy, I will have my way with her in any way I wish...all you have to do is ask me to do it!"
I saw the desperate need in my wife's eyes and I was so turned on that before I knew it I was asking him to fuck her! My god I was begging him to fuck her!
"As you wish Sissy!" he laughed as he led her to the bedroom!!

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