Friday, January 23, 2015

Next Step

"You've been in chastity for about a week now and I think it's time to take the next step...why don't you slip this on,,,"

" you see why your chastity is important...we wouldn't want any little thing poking out the front of your dress....."

" fact you look so pretty that I'm going to invite all the girls over....if they want to see, you pull up your dress like this...make sure they can see the whole thing although it's not much to look behave well tonight and maybe we can begin to discuss the next time you'll be allowed to cum....."


  1. This is an important moment in our lives. we will always remember it.

  2. I so want to be owned and humiliated like this!!! Please yes invite your friends over to see what a sissy you have turned me into!!!

  3. I am going show this to my wife Carol !

  4. I am going show this to my wife Carol !

  5. My wife Carol told me that I will be blowing all Her boyfriends, and all I could was blush in a sissyish manor !!!

    1. A better response would have been a lovely curtsey and an enthusiastic "Thank You Ma'am"