Tuesday, January 6, 2015


"I notice you're not wearing a pretty dress stranger! Maybe you'be got some pretty little panties on under those jeans?"
"Absolutely not...Of course I'm not! What's going on around here anyway?"
"Well...no dress and no panties...I guess that makes you a trespasser...and we shoot trespassers around here!"
"Wait what do you mean? Why are you dressed like that? What's going on here?"
"Well my friend this here is Sissy country and if you're not a sissy you don't belong here! I'll give you a break because you're kind of pretty! You can turn around and get out of here on the same trail that brought you or you can come up to my cabin over yonder and I can dress you up like a proper Sissy and we can have us a little party! Up to you!"
"How far did you say that cabin was...."

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