Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Young Billy Was Not Happy

It was bad enough that Auntie had signed him up to be a cheerleader instead of a player, but when the girls on the squad made him up and gave him the long blonde wig it was just too much! When they made their way down the hall clapping and cheering he was amazed that no one seemed to notice him!
That is until he heard a girl shriek, "Billy is that you in that skirt!?"
He whipped his head around in time to see his cousin laughing...moments later all the students in the hall were pointing and laughing as he blushed crimson with embarrassment Thank god the panties were holding down his stiff little dick or they would all know the truth about how much he secretly loved this!


  1. Why would they let me ... uh, I mean Billy, have nickers?

    1. Just goes with the uniform Sweet Jo and the girls don't want that little thing loose in their locker room either!