Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Know It's Going To Hurt

I know it's going to hurt like hell when she takes those clips off and my skin will be a little raw from her beautiful nails....but.....heaven help me I just love when she does this!!!!


  1. Wow what a post Kaaren I swear i can hear your ragged breathing when I look at this gif! Powerful. Maybe its cos i have very sensitive tits that this one makes me wild!

    1. The first time she put clips on my nipples I thought the pain was too much! But my sissy clit was rock hard and dripping! I wasn't in chastity then and she could judge by my clits reaction whether or not she was going to far!
      She mounted me and let me slip inside her! I was never one ho could last and after a couple of strokes I was ready! Just as I was about to cum she pulled the clips off...and oh my god!!!!! As the blood hit those raw nerve ends I saw stars just as I came!!! It was glorious! She toyed with my sore nipples as I licked her clean! I will never forget it!!!

    2. Nipples are so under-rated and under-used. Hard pinching is like hot Chili slow teasing is like drinking chocolate. Throw in a little bondage ... yummy.