Friday, April 18, 2014

Just My Imagination

Which one is he Kaaren?
That's Mr Schultz, he was the head of the Phys. Ed department.
What did he do Kaaren?
He insisted that I had to run a mile to get my Phys. Ed. certificate before I could graduate!
That sounds reasonable to me....
He made all the boys from the dance program run in our dance class clothes! Leotards and tights! And he invited the football team to watch!
I see, you go right ahead then Kaaren he's earned this!


  1. You see, now this is where looping animated gifs can start to make you nauseous (although you do look killer in that pink bra n pantie set Karen). Kisses. lill jo

    1. It's my own version of therapy sweetie although if given the chance...well I can honestly say I don't know what I'd do....

    2. Oops. Sorry I misspelled your name above Kaaren.
      I draw for my therapy dear. I can relate to those childhood humiliations from many years past that still hurt dear Kaaren. I know forgiveness is the answer but I cant feel it in my heart.