Friday, April 4, 2014

Yes Kaaren just Like That

Yes Kaaren just keep doing that, that feels so nice...

Mmmm nice but move a little to the up a bit...more tongue...ohhh yes thst's the spot Sissy! You just keep doing that while I finish this chapter!


  1. Please read very slowly. And maybe read more than one chapter.

  2. Karren, I sneak up behind you and stick my tongue in your crack. You gasp. Mistress pushes your face back down saying 'honestly Kaaren. Concentrate properly wiil you!'

    1. Oh my goodness Jo...if you keep distracting me she might spank me! So please...please, please do that again!!!!!

    2. Love to get you spanked darling. But when I giggle at getting you in trouble mistress is bound to scold and spank us both. And that would be terrible (tee hee).