Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kaaren Get Him What He Wants

"Kaaren!" my wife called from her bedroom, "please take Mark to the kitchen and make sure he gets what he wants!"
As I stepped out of my Sissy bedroom he was waiting in the hall wearing his black boxer briefs and his boots! It was funny but I guess he had no slippers....He smiled at me and motioned for me to lead the way.
Have you ever felt someones eyes on you? Maybe it was because I felt him checking me out or maybe my natural inner slut was coming out but I walked a little slower and added a little bit more hip motion!
When we reached the kitchen I asked him what he would like to have.
"Only one thing I want right now!" he laughed.
I found myself, panties pushed aside and bent over the counter before I could even say anything! I only managed to gasp that I needed to be lubed! He used his spit!!!

As he entered me, filling me up with his wonderful cock, I heard her call downstairs.
"Did you find anything? Sissy you make sure you take good care of him!"
He gruffly answered "Yes I'm enjoying it right now! Your Sissy is wonderful in the kitchen!"
I couldn't answer, I was lost feeling that cock fucking me, it turned out we both got what we wanted in the kitchen!!!

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