Sunday, April 20, 2014

That Little Bitch!

That little bitch! I told her how important this dinner was! She did prepare a wonderful meal and she did serve my guests flawlessly and she does look absolutely adorable in her sissy maid uniform but I can't possibly overlook the crooked seams on her stockings! Sissy is going over my knee as soon as my guests leave!!!


  1. Oh Kaaren! How many times did Mistress Honeycutt make us practice putting our seamed stockings on to make sure we never made this mistake? You were always best in the class too! Hey! Wait a minute! You didn't? Oh I bet you did! You little spanking whore! I can't believe you! Or, I should say, I'm not surprised.

    1. Oh my, you've seen through my plan....but too late!!!! I spent a delicious time over her knee while she "corrected" me on proper decorum! All these hours later my bottom is still warm and tingly!!!!

  2. How DO you get the seams straight ? I've NEVER been able to do that correctly. ;-)