Friday, April 18, 2014

Sissy School - A Womans Touch

"Well Sissy Kaaren, I see you've even managed to be late to our meeting. we are certainly not getting off to a good start! The headmaster seems to think that your interaction with the male staff has been lopsided in your favor so he thought you might need a woman's touch to correct your naughty behavior, you may refer to me as Ms. Alexis"
Sissy Kaaren sat stone faced, she wasn't impressed so far!
"Well, cat got your tongue Sissy? Perhaps you're having a hard time focusing your attention. I have just the thing for that!"
Sissy Kaaren was shocked when Ms. Alexis unbuttoned her blouse and rubbed her little nipples until they were erect. Ms. Alexis quickly grabbed two small clamps and before Kaaren even realized what was happening her nipples were cruelly pinched by them.

Sissy Kaaren gasped as the initial jolt of pain went through her!
"I have your attention now Sissy?" asked Ms. Alexis while giving the clamps a small tug.

"Yes Ms. Alexis!" Sissy Kaaren gasped, she didn't want the woman to know that she was kind of enjoying the feel of the clips, that the pain was starting to give way to arousal!
"Yes what Sissy Kaaren?
"MmmmYes Ms. Alexis you definitely have my attention."
"Hmmm, warming up are we, perhaps this will warm you further!" she said picking up her antique rug beater.

Pushing her down on the padded bench she soon had Sissy Kaaren in a perfect position and began spanking her. The Headmaster had told her that spanking was useless, that Sissy Kaaren seemed to enjoy it but she wanted to see for herself.

Sure enough, to Ms. Alexis surprise the young Sissy was moaning, but it didn't sound like she wanted it to stop any time soon! Ms. Alexis was finding the challenge this Sissy presented a little exciting!
The harder she spanked the more the squirming Sissy seemed to enjoy it! She couldn't believe her ears when she heard the Sissy encourage her to spank her harder! She had encountered some naughty sissies but never one so naughty that the punishment only made her worse!
And worse yet with every swat she looked at the pretty bottom in front of her and she found her own thoughts getting quite naughty!
Ms. Alexis couldn't wait any longer! This Sissy had her so excited she needed some attention right now! She slipped off her soaking wet panties and stepping up to Kaaren she pulled the Sissy's face into her steamy wet pussy!

Just as she had heard in rumors, the Sissy had a fantastic tongue. She came hard and quickly, as the Sissy's tongue kept working! After three more mind shattering orgasms she finally pushed her away. She tried to compose herself as the Sissy remained in position watching her, a smile on her wet lips.
Kneeling down Ms. Alexis gave her a kiss, tasting herself on the Sissy's lips and tongue!
"So are you going to behave now Sissy Kaaren or will we have to do this again?"
The Sissy laughed, it sounded so sweet. "Oh I'm pretty sure you'll probably get a call about me again! Probably soon, at least I hope so....I haven't had this much fun in weeks!"

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  1. I have a guilty secret Kaaren. I want to substitute my own name in this story. So jealous (Sigh).

    lill joanne