Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sissy School - First Time

Sissy Kaaren had met him in town and they had both felt the attraction! It was different than what she felt for girls and sissies, just being near him made her tingle in ways she never had before!
When he invited her to his house she knew that she would never make curfew but she had a feeling that the spanking she'd get for tardiness would be worth it!
In the blink of an eye he had literally charmed her out of her panties and after she demonstrated her considerable oral skills he told her he wanted her! Wanted her badly! She watched as he put a dollop of lube on his delicious cock and rubbed it back and forth until he glistened in the light! Then he laid her back and slowly, oh so slowly, pushed against her, stretching her as he  entered her!
She was grateful now for all the classes she had received on pleasing a man! There was little pain as he slipped his length inside her and as his body pressed against hers she knew that this was something she would want to do over and over!
He felt so different from the dildos and vibrators and plugs...she couldn't explain it but she was delighted and thrilled!
She would tell her best friend Leeanne all about it later but for now....Wow just wow!!!!