Thursday, April 24, 2014

Serving My Country

"Yes Senator I'm almost there, just a few more minutes..."
"Yes I'm wearing that dress..."
"Sorry but she said no, so it's still locked in it's cage..."
"No Senator, using a locksmith would be cheating..."
"No I forgot my bag in the car, why don't you just keep your dress in your office..."
"I'm sorry but my car is hundreds of miles away at a train station Senator, if I go back to get it then we'll have to reschedule..."
"Of course I'll let you wear my panties while I suck your cock..."
"I would like to discuss your position on a few issues before I let you cum in my mouth..."
"Flexible...Me Too!"
"I'll be right there baby....I have a few congressmen to see later!"
"Be there in a minute baby..."


  1. Such a patriotic sissy. I didn't know you were visiting my city sweetie. We could have gotten together. Maybe "lobbied" Congress together.

    1. I'd like to see Congress pass an "Affordable Lingerie Act", I'm always in trouble for spending too much...but it's all so pretty that I want it all!!!