Sunday, October 22, 2017

Early Sunday Morning

It's early Sunday morning and the world is still and quiet....
I've been awake for awhile and had my breakfast already even though sunrise is still a while away....
She's sleeping soundly.....making those soft little snores I love so much....her lover is also fast's no wonder considering how long he fucked her last night!!!
I have a lot to do I need the early start....she has friends coming for brunch and I have to get all the prep work done so the actual cooking time will be short!!!
Her lover wants a wake up call at 6am so he can go to wherever it is he has to go on an early Sunday morning....maybe back to his wife....maybe to his church.....maybe to another woman's bed....I really don't care.....of all her lovers he's not one of my favorites!!!
But I do love this time to myself.....slipping into my bra and panties.....pausing to take a look and then satisfied.....picking up my dress and reaching back to zip it closed....

I think about it wife...her caged little life as her life in general.....I see the scars of the life I once lived.....emotional and physical.....and when she wakes I plan to drop to my knees and show her how thankful I am that she allows me to share my life with her...
She'll laugh of course....she always does.....but it's not mean laughter.....she laughs because she thinks I'm funny.....the things that I worry and think about never occur to her!!

Anyway, I'm up early and dressed in my pretty clothes, and I have a wife who loves me who has a stud in bed with her until I wake him in about a half hour....maybe I'll get a chance to suck his cock but I don't think so.....he's one of the one's who is an enthusiastic participant when she's there but keeps his distance when she's's like he thinks that maybe I'll infect him with some kind if sissy virus!!!!

I get a little long-winded when I'm the only one up in the house.....but I can't help it....I'm peeling and curling and prepping for the brunch where I'm sad to say I'll be a host instead of a hostess.....but under it all I'll be her sissy.....always....


  1. Lovely reflection. Thanks for sharing.

    Your last line "I'm sad to say I'll be a host instead of a hostess" made me pause. Are their some friends or some occasions where you are a hostess?


    1. Yes Sweetie, there is a very small group of her girlfriends that know about my status as a sissy cuckold and I have served them at several of my wife's little parties.
      So I guess technically I wasn't a hostess but more of a maid!
      These are rare occasions and we have far more friends who have never met "Kaaren" gets a little tricky sometimes when the two groups of friends all get together at the same time....

    2. Hi Kaaren
      Thanks for the clarification.

      Best wishes

    3. P.S. Love the picture too. (smile)

  2. So well written...thanks :) ~sara